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Have you ever dreamed of a successful career as a Licensed Massage Therapist? 

About Us

About Us

Kauai Massage Trainings is the premier massage licensing program in Kauai, Hawaii, located in beautiful Kapaa. 

Participating in our 9-month, 570-hour program provides our students with the education required by the Hawaii Board of Massage in order to be licensed in the state of Hawaii. We also provide 3-day retreat-style workshops offering renewal, nourishment and inspiration. 

We are open to anyone wishing to immerse themselves in a retreat environment, learning massage, bodywork, embracing a lifestyle of health and wellness. Students and new members of the healing arts community will be introduced to different modalities, gaining sufficient training to be able to practice in a spa or private setting, and perhaps discovering a passion that will inform them of their professional journey ahead.

Our journey has been full of so much joy as we have successfully helped our students fulfill their dreams as prosperous licensed massage therapists in Hawaii and beyond.


Our Teachers at Kauai Massage Trainings 


Isabelle Fisher is the Owner and Principal Instructor of Kauai Massage Trainings. She has enjoyed a long, dedicated career on Kauai as a massage practitioner, Spa manager, workshop leader, massage trainer, dance teacher, and spa owner.


Isabelle is assisted by a number of skilled therapists who also share their gifts. Kauai Massage Trainings school and studio was founded in 2011 by Isabelle and Rod Fisher and Eana Rose, to serve the community of Kauai and to create an experience where practitioners could embark on a successful career in the healing arts; a life style which that bestows countless gifts that keep on giving for both the client and the therapist. 

Isabelle Fisher
Owner, Teacher

Jeffery Leiendecker is the Co-Owner of Kauai Massage Trainings. He has been practicing massage therapy since 1995. Sometimes the teacher, always the student, he always has been open to new knowledge. His passion is to help people find their own passion, in whatever they do, whether massage or other aspects of their life. His training has taken him to East Palo Alto in 1995 and Chico in 2007, both in California, followed by additional training in Kapaa, Hawaii in 2015. While he practiced treating professional baseball players using sports massage, his experience has provided Jeffery with foundations in myofascial release, Lomi Lomi, Mana Lomi, craniosacral work, Swedish massage, and expertise in teaching overall body anatomy and physiology. 

Jeffery Leiendecker
Owner Teacher

Angela Ledington Fischer has been a licensed Physical Therapist for over 40 years, primarily practicing Rolfing Structural\Functional Integration, specializing in providing relief to patients suffering from low back pain, neck pain and a multitude of other pain syndromes, such as adhesive capsulitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and postural problems both with and without pain. Her as a Rolfer and Physical Therapist includes additional specialized training in spinal mechanics related to the myofascial system, cranial-sacral therapy, neuromuscular unwinding, and Swiss Ball therapy for low back rehabilitation as well as normal functional work-outs. She also has a degree in Psychology and have completed over 20 years of continued education in Jungian Analysis and Dream Interpretation.

Angela Ledington Fischer

David Dinner, Craniosacral Teacher, a retired periodontist, certified in Visionary and Biodynamic Craniosacral work and has developed classes to help therapists who do hands-on modalities to supplement their practices. Craniosacral work is an exceedingly gentle, yet potent therapeutic form of bodywork that involves body, mind and spirit

David Dinner
Teri Eliades LMT, COTTE teaches anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and massage theory.With over 10 years of teaching experience, she brings clarity and ease to the classroom, assisting students in preparing for both in and out of state exams.  As both a massage technique and movement teacher, Teri uses a variety of teaching aids.  Her classes revolve around a constantly updated curriculum, using traditional and non-traditional lecture, audio, visual and tactile aids to deepen student understanding and knowledge of the body.  She specializes in the more technical massage techniques and brings this body of knowledge into the classroom.  No matter what your style of learning may be, Teri will ensure that the material resonates with you. Teri also has a thriving massage therapy practice featuring Onsen Muscle Therapy™ and teaches fitness classes utilizing the GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® movement methodologies
Teri Eliades

Joseph Wanczyk is our Thai Massage teacher. His massage journey started here at the Golden Lotus as a graduate, as well as his first Thai massage experience with Rod Fisher as his trainer.  After graduation Joseph traveled to Thailand where he found his Thai Massage master, Ajahn Mr. Joe Khumlee. He visits Thailand  yearly to connect deeper with the art of Thai massage, learn more tools. Joseph loves what he does and looks forward to sharing his expertise with our students,  with a focus on body mechanics and quality of touch. Jospeh has been assisting and teaching at Kauai Massage Trainings for 4 years now, and he is a full time massage therapist and Spa assistant manager at  successful and busy Spa for the past few years and currently. Joseph brings a very clear, calm and fun energy to his workshop. 

Joseph Wanczyk

Hezar Courson is a Lomi Lomi Practitioner and teacher. After finishing her massage license in Australia and working at a spa in Sydney, Hezar came to Kauai to study lomi lomi with Susan Floyd in 1999 and she remained passionate and dedicated to this Hawaiian Healing Art.  She began teaching Lomi about 15 years ago and found it very rewarding.  Hezar is very grateful to share this incredible healing modality, honoring the Hawaiian wisdom and aloha.   "I feel that every lomi I give and receive is a teacher, a guide to further discover the divine wisdom of the body and human being."  Hezar has added the sound healing component as this has always been a big inspiration through out her life as a singer and performer.  She started a school for Voice Empowerment and Sound Healing called Soul Symphonies which is still her ongoing practice.  Hezar is excited to share these skills and passions with the Golden Lotus Students at Kauai Massage trainings. 

Hezar Courson

Yemaya Indira Duby was born in France and moved to California in the mid-80s. There she was fortunate to study closely under Marion Rosen, a brilliant pioneer of the Somatic Movement for 8 years and with other Human Potential, Embodiment, and Ceremony teachers - Gabrielle Roth, Starhawk, Charlotte Selver, Anodea Judith to name a few. She became a massage therapist in 1995 and a yoga instructor in 2002. Over the past 30 years, she has created two small healing centers and traveled the world teaching and learning. She started teaching her work Bones of Freedom, as Somatic Bodywork Fundamentals deeply influenced by the Rosen Method and impregnated with Yemaya’s experience and understanding of Holistic Healing. Living now in the Hawaiian Islands, she offers powerful transformational online programs accessible to all, focusing on Childhood Trauma Healing, Grief Recovery, and Empowerment.

Yemaya Indira Duby
Hand Pile of Happy Group

Student Testimonials

"The Massage training at the Golden Lotus (Kauai Massage Trainings) was perfect. They taught us a basic massage to begin with, the series of massage workshops of different modalities which followed exposed us do different techniques to add to our massage, and gives one direction if you feel connection to a certain modality. By the time the course is done you'll have the tools needed to work in a spa or on your own. The Massage training at the Golden Lotus enriched and blessed my life, I'm forever grateful."


-J. Wanczyk

"I highly recommend Golden Lotus (Kauai) Massage Training. The program allowed me to grow personally and professionally. Isabelle is passionate about her work and cares to see all her students succeed. Upon graduation, I felt confident to pursue a career in massage therapy and have found much success in my venture! Thanks so much Isabelle, Eana and Rod!"


-Molly S.

The Golden Lotus massage program was a great foundation for my massage career. We explored many different modalities that I use in my work today. It was a joy to feel the classmates and instructors as family during the journey.


-Javier C.

I participated in this massage training program in 2013-2014. I have been a practicing therapist ever since -- it has been my main source of income. I was fortunate to gain specialized knowledge through the workshops and feel I can really make a difference in supporting my clients through massage and bodywork. The class setting is cozy, connected, and my classmates and I very much felt like a little family, including with our teachers -- and to this day we feel such connection when we see each other. Isabelle, who leads the school, is such a wonderful person, flexible, and easy to be with and learn from. I encourage anyone to be in the program... It is a valuable investment in one's healing, helping others, and a flexible way to make a living. 

-Victor C.

"The Golden Lotus Massage School has exceded my expectations. Isabelle is a fantastic teacher and mentor for entering into the field of massage. She invited in guest teachers to do in depth workshops on a variety of modalities, and designed the program to give us ample hands on experience. Because of the apprenticeship hours, I left the program with the confidence to dive into my new career. In addition to the state requirements, the value for personal growth and transformation was equally present. If you are looking for a safe, empowering, and educational atmosphere to complete your massage license, look no further!”

  -Lizzy B 


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Kauai Massage Trainings

 4-941A Kuhio Hwy.
Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii  96746

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